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Welcome To My Home Page
Hello im andy and this is, as you can see, my crap site, because it really is crap.
Rangers FC
u cudnt beat them with a big flamin stick
In 'pictures' i have various sigs which i use for various things, these will more than likely have no interest to you, because you dont know me...actually theres a good chance you do know me cos who the feck else would log on to this site???

Contact Details
If you want to ask me a question about my crap site or simply want to slag me off then click on 'contact page' to see how to contact me
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stevy b likes apples. apples like stevy b, one day he was eatin an apple and a cricket ball broke his kneee...

Yes, this site is crap
If you have taken the time to look through my pages, you will have noticed that most of them contain nothing or, failing that, absolute crap. Well, I did warn u (see homepage title)
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FACT: did you know that this site is crap??